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Our choc lab Destiny has been a regular participant at Doggie Daycare since the age of 12 weeks. Destiny is now 4 years old, and her wonderful social skills with other dogs and adults is due to the early introduction to Doggie Daycare. The standard of care and love by all the team at Doggie Daycare is exemplary. When we rock up to Daycare, Destiny’s tail wags none stop, that’s her secret way of saying “I just love coming here.
Robyn & Bruce Langford-Jones

We have been taking both of our Dachshunds, Moe & Dexter, to Doggie DayCare since they were puppies. The evidence of the great care taken of them is seen by the rapidly wagging tails as they get out of the car as we drop them off. All of the staff are wonderful, and we entrust our boys to Lorraine on a regular basis. We cannot recommend them enough.
Graham & Juliette Connolly

Woof, my name is Skipper; I’m a four and a half year old Labrador. I’ve got a sister called Bella, she’s the same age as me but I think I’m far more grown up than she is which is why I’m writing this story. When we were puppies our mum and dad took us to puppy school. Puppy school was good cos it taught us lots of things but best of all when we left mum and dad found out about doggy day care, which is why I’m writing this story, sorry I’m repeating myself, woof.
We go to day care two days a week and just to make sure we don’t miss out, when we’re at home we mess up the yard just so mum and dad will take us back. Of course the first few times we went to day care we were a little bit scared. We were only young and were just used to being with mum and dad but Lorraine and Allan made us feel pretty special straight away and then we couldn’t wait to go back. Next we met Mandy and Tania and fell in love with them too. Actually I think they like me best of all the dogs at day care, even Bella, but I don’t tell anyone that.
We’ve got a bit of a routine when we get to day care, usually we have a walk around and say hello to our human friends and then our real friends. Now I don’t want to offend anyway by naming names but our favourites are Gracie, Chocco, Butch and Teddy, actually we’re just happy being with everyone.
Once the hellos are over we do a weather check to determine our activities for the day. On a hot day we spend the day on our beds inside, I mean who wouldn’t this place has all the dog cons – air conditioning and television – and in winter we spend the day on our beds in front of the heater and television. Woof, it’s like dog heaven. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all snoozing, we do spend time outside, there’s lots of running around and playing to do, along with sniffing and a bit of chatting, plus there’s a kennel which we like to poke our noses into, just in case anyone has left a snack inside.
One of our favourite times of year is party season. You might know it as Christmas. Santa Paws pays a visit and we have beefcake to celebrate. Our mum always makes us wear reindeer ears. We think it’s silly but we do it to make her feel good and some of our friends are made to wear them too.
Lorraine and Allen always celebrate our birthdays too.Well not just ours everyone has a party when it’s their birthday. Woof, we get a birthday card and cake to take home. I always try to sneak some of Bella’s cake but she always catches me.
Anyway don’t just take my woof for it, drop in and have a look around and I reckon you’ll love it as much as me and Bella.

With lots of love and a wagging tail, Skipper (okay and Bella).

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