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Puppy socialisation

The “critical-period” of socialisation handling & training of pups is between 6 – 16 weeks of age. At this time it is important to expose the puppy to as many novel things as possible in a non-threatening way.

This early socialisation is critical because even a small amount of experience at this age can have long-lasting effects on your dog.

Puppies that are not exposed to other dogs during this socialisation period are more likely to develop aggressive or fearful responses than other dogs later in life.

Our puppy creche facilities include:


  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Adventure playground, both indoor & outdoor
  • Special cosy nursery area, for puppies to play
  • Puppies are separate from the grown up dogs & always supervised

Puppies need a variety of environments. Our unique indoor/outdoor venue provides a real, not artificial, experience.

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