All dogs and puppies must be pre-approved for daycare, which starts with registering online, or calling us to discuss your requirements, all new dogs will require an assessment day.

Bookings are essential – please book your pet’s reservation online or call us. We recommend booking early as we fill up quickly! Cancellations or changes must be made strictly by 5pm the day prior to avoid a cancellation fee of $25 for daycare or $50 for grooming bookings.

Daycare Daily Rates
$61 per day for 1 dog
$110 per day for 2 dogs ($55 per visit)

10 Visit package
$580 for 1 dog ($58 per visit)
$1,060 for 2 dogs ($53 per visit)

Grooming Menu
Our professional dog grooming services provide a range of washing and clipping to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Book online or call us to book your next appointment on 0433399436

Grooming Menu

SMALL < 7kg
Full Groom (Full Body & Face Clip) from$99.00
Tidy Groom (Face, Feet & Sanitary)from$80.00
Bath, BlowDry & Brush (inc. Nails)$45 Short$55 Long
Deshed (inc. Nails)$55 Short$65 Long
Express Bath (Towel Dry)$30.00
Brush Out$20.00
MEDIUM 7 – 20kg
Full Groom (Full Body & Face Clip) from$110.00
Tidy Groom (Face, Feet & Sanitary)from$90.00
Bath, BlowDry & Brush (inc. Nails)$55 Short$70 Long
Deshed (inc. Nails)$70 Short$85 Long
Express Bath (Towel Dry)$40.00
Brush Out$25.00
LARGE 20 – 35kg
Full Groom (Full Body & Face Clip) from$150.00
Tidy Groom (Face, Feet & Sanitary)from$120.00
Bath, BlowDry & Brush (inc. Nails)$70 Short$85 Long
Deshed (inc. Nails)$85 Short$110 Long
Express Bath (Towel Dry)$50.00
Brush Out$35.00
GIANT +35kg
Full Groom (Full Body & Face Clip) from$180.00
Tidy Groom (Face, Feet & Sanitary)from$140.00
Bath, BlowDry & Brush (inc. Nails)$85 Short$115 Long
Deshed (inc. Nails)$115 Short$150 Long
Express Bath (Towel Dry)$60.00
Brush Out$45.00
Teeth Clean$25.00
Anal Gland Express $25.00

Plus some grooms maybe subject to extra matting fee from $15, and/or handling fee from $20

Book online or call us to book your next appointment on 0433399436

Last updated – 25/01/2024